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  1. Can i remove the assembly and testing option? No. If you do not wish to have complete configuration with the PC Builder simply use the web catalog to fill out your cart and checkout! Our PC Builder is a key on hand service.
  2. The 6 months base warranty is only for the assembly labour or parts? Our warranty covers parts and Labour. If you need to extend the warranty including advance replacement you can select 1 year or 3 years option.
  3. What happens if the setup i choose has a compatibility issue? This is unlikely. Our PC Builder application is well programmed and monitored by professionals. All configurations are actively and rigorously vetted. Our technical department still reviews every custom PC order and some recommendations might be provided when needed.
  4. Does your PC Builder offer price match? No we do not offer price protection or price matching. Our prices are independent of any other retailer's prices. We constantly review and adjust our prices, our prices are already competitively priced. We list everything that goes into your build and display cost clearly. It becomes more ...
  5. PC Builder Evolution 2008 Custom PC configurator PC Builder v1.0 2012 New PC Builder v2.0 is released, the popular custom configurator now has additional features and has been redesigned and reprogramed without flash. 2020 PC Builder v3.0 is a complete revamp.

5 Items

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