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Our goal is to flourish as a Canadian based business and participate in our local economy. We buy from Canadian Authorized Distributors almost exclusively, by doing so we contribute to the local computer industry at different levels; Manufacturers,distributors, agents, importers and much more. Remember, our goal is to become the ultimate destination for all your custom computer needs at the best value with key on hand solutions.

You can contact us either thru our real time help desk or our personalized ticket support system. Our support system allows us to build and maintain a close relationship with our users by keeping record of all their support enquiry, this provides a better service with the possibility to track their history. We strive to maintain our response time as quick as possible or simply guide you thru our website in real time.

We Have More than 18 years of experience in the computer industry. Professional purchasing team with strong relationship with vendors and suppliers.

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PC Builder 2.0, new PC Builder 3.0 is released, the popular custom configurator now has additional features and has been redesigned and reprogrammed.

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