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Extreme Performance / Computer / AMD™ Ryzen DDR5 Summary


System Configuration

    Why our Online PC configurator?

    Continuous Vetting

    This application is crafted and overseen by a team of skilled professionals who have tons of hands-on experience.
    We take great care in selecting only the best options for you, as each and every one is carefully evaluated by our team of experts.
    Our computers are custom-built using top-notch components so you can get a lot of mileage out of your investment.
    The average lifespan of our computers is between eight and nine years.

    PC Builder Tips and Tricks

    Advices from our technical staff

    Move your cursor over the option and click for a quick overview of the component specifications.
    We recommended you a well balanced configuration, try spreading your budget more logically thru each category.
    The PC Builder default configuration can be used as a base for your personalized setup. It is not based on our staff picks but the popularity based on clients previous selections algorithm.
    Selections are line up from left to right by importance. CPU and Motherboards been first from the left.
    Try many different options until you meet your price point, only then narrow the selection up or down.
    It's important not to rely too much on forums, YouTube, or reviews when making decisions. Many of these sources have agendas, and some reviewers "Influencers" are paid or not verified. Instead, we recommend working with a clear budget. Visit the hardware manufacturer site and learn as much as possible about the hardware specs. This will help you make informed choices based on your own needs and preferences.

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