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Asus ROG Strix Flare II NX Blue Switch Wired Gaming Keyboard

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The ROG Strix Flare II is the ultimate gaming keyboard to fire up your game. It’s loaded with a host of innovations, including ROG NX mechanical switches, PBT doubleshot keycaps, sound-dampening foam, 8000 Hz polling rate, 0.125 ms response time, dedicated media controls and detachable wrist rest. Metal media control keys are arranged so they’re right at your fingertips, and can be programmed into hotkeys. Turn the scroll wheel to adjust volume or mute audio, and use the knob to reverse or skip tracks, pause or play.
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The ASUS ROG Strix Flare II NX Blue Switch Wired Gaming Keyboard is one of the most advanced gaming keyboards out there, designed to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. With features such as ROG NX mechanical switches, PBT doubleshot keycaps, sound-dampening foam, 8000 Hz polling rate and a 0.125 ms response time, this keyboard is truly ahead of the competition.

The ROG NX mechanical switches are specifically designed for gaming, with a lubricated stem for smooth clicks, lubricated housing to eliminate bouncing noises, and ROG-tuned force curves for great keystroke feel with great keystroke consistency. Additionally, the ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps offer unparalleled durability, featuring a mid-height profile and shorter stems that reduce key wobble and feature translucent ROG script.

The ROG switch stabilizer is another innovative feature that enhances accuracy and reduces fatigue. It is designed to ensure smooth keystrokes and stability for longer keys, ensuring that you can continue gaming for hours without experiencing any discomfort. Furthermore, the built-in sound-dampening foam helps absorb pinging noises and echoes within the keyboard, providing you with a more immersive and focused gaming experience.

Additionally, the intuitive controls of the ROG Strix Flare II gaming keyboard are conveniently placed at the top-left corner of the keyboard, so you can easily adjust your volume and media controls without having to take your eyes off your game. The ergonomic design of the detachable wrist rest also ensures maximum comfort during prolonged gaming sessions, as you can easily move around without experiencing any discomfort.

Finally, the keyboard also features a USB passthrough port that allows for easy connection to other devices, making it a versatile addition to any gaming setup. With a 3-year manufacturer warranty, this keyboard is built-to-last and is a must-have for any serious gamer. If you're looking for a premium gaming keyboard that delivers on every front, the ROG Strix Flare II is the perfect choice.

Manufacturer PartXA08 STRIX FLARE II/NXBL
Key SwitchBlue Cherry MX
Style UsageGaming
Mouse IncludedNo
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited 3 Years
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