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Professional Workstation / AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Summary


System Configuration
    Get the perfect system with no compromises! Don’t let amateurs choose or guide you to a bad configuration, it’s your money!
    PC Builder Tips and Trickstips

    Advices from our technical staff...
    Move your cursor over the option and click for a quick overview of the component specifications.
    We recommended you a well balanced configuration, try spreading your budget more logically thru each category.
    The PC Builder default configuration can be used as a base for your personalized setup. It is not based on our staff picks but the popularity based on clients previous selections algorithm.
    Selections are line up from left to right by importance. CPU and Motherboards been first from the left.
    Try many different options until you meet your price point, only then narrow the selection up or down.
    Don't rely "too much" on forums, YouTube or reviews, they all have agendas (PAID) or are not verified reviewers. Instead try to work with a budget.
    Visit the manufacturers website and learn as much as possible about the hardware features, select according to your actual needs.

    Thank you!

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