Yes we have graphic cards in stock!

Yes we have graphic cards in stock!

Dear customers,
yes we have graphic cards in stock you read correctly! If you placed a PC Builder order you are automatically register on our waiting list. The average waiting time is 6 to 8 weeks and yes we get inventory every week but you guessed right we are fulfilling open orders from earlier customers who ordered complete systems. There is no way to expedite your position so don't even try. You might get a proposed replacement but the client who placed order before you will get the proposed GPU prior to you as simple as that.

Dear single GPU customer,
If you are looking for a graphic card ONLY you probably noticed the "add to cart" button is disabled for all GPU's. Basically it means you wont get a GPU from us so please stop asking, stop telling us you are willing to wait, stop saying you have all the components and you only need a GPU to complete your assembly, stop telling us how to run our business... Please don't waste your time asking for ETA's. Our company specialize in complete systems we are a PC Builder and we obviously focus our resources on our core business (the supply of complete custom PC solutions) not parts, not bundles or partial computers. Unfortunately the big box stores did not put limits or screened the shopping bots and well you guessed you are paying a hefty price to obtain your GPU we are sorry this happened to you. But we did our due diligence late 2020 by blocking such bots and restricting the many speculators out there. Eventually the supply will change and you will probably go back to your regular retailer for your parts and that's OK with us (ironically lot's of people keep saying they wont buy from us ever again when in fact they bought all their components on Amazon, Newegg to name a few). In the future and with different circumstances we will gladly make the full catalog available once again.

All limited inventory on Graphics Cards 100% ALLOCATED to PC Builder clients. New AMD 6800XT, 6900XT or any Nvidia RTX Video cards will NOT be sold individually. We are releasing them on a daily basis however the waiting time is currently 6 weeks+ minimum if you can't wait don't place order instead wait for this fall. The supply might be more positive. Thank you for your continued business.

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