Pros of buying a complete custom computer via our PC Builder

Pros of buying a complete custom computer via our PC Builder
  • Are you wondering what are the benefits of purchasing your next custom computer from pcczone? We wanted to share some advantages of buying a custom pc with us vs individual components from multiple online sources. The typical pros and cons.

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  • Pros (Key on hand) | Cons (Multi source build)

    PC Builder with premium components Buying assorted parts
    Expertise We specialize in complete system builds. Almost exclusively supplying key on hand solutions. Random parts from big box retailers with no knowledge and support related to computer hardware.
    Compatibility Our PC Builder application is programmed and monitored by professionals. All configurations are still rigorously vetted. Recommendations might be provided when needed. The number of clients reaching out with DOA failures is astonishing. Differences in component versions, revisions, firmware and platform releases actual compatibility.
    Warranty A full warranty is provided. It will be serviced as a whole computer system with expedite replacements in some cases. Online parts sellers will provide 30 days separate warranties on the affected components. You must identify the faulty hardware, troubleshoot, disassemble, process the RMA etc... All on your own.
    Support A representative will be working with you on a individual basis. During the warranty coverage period you can expect a ticket reply within hours. No trail of previous support requests. No answers to your technical questions. Absence of knowledgeable or qualified staff in the computing field.
    Lifetime Follow up We keep records of all shipped configurations specs and technical logs since 2012. NA
    Future Upgrades Count on us to help you with replacement and upgrades for the lifetime of your unit. NA
    Credibility We have been supplying computer systems across Canada for more than a decade. We have the history to match our reputation. Large big box e-tailers have little to no actual expertise beside the know how to sell sku's. Their so- called PC builder service is a bogus list of parts nothing more.
  • Our computers are purposely built with premium components!
    Thanks for taking the time to read. We are eager to help just as soon as you become our client.

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