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Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake i9-12900KF LGA1700 3.2GHz Processor BX8071512900KF

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With the highest clock speeds and a groundbreaking new architecture, you’ll be able to push your gameplay to new heights while secondary apps run seamlessly in the background. Intel’s new performance hybrid architecture integrates two core families into a single CPU, keeping everything in your gaming universe running smoothly.
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With Intel's latest 12th Gen Alder Lake i9-12900KF LGA1700 3.2GHz Processor BX8071512900KF, you can take your gaming to new heights. Whether you're a gamer or creator, this processor comes packed with innovative features that elevate your experience. Get ready to seamlessly run secondary applications in the background while pushing your gameplay to the next level.

At the heart of this processor is Intel's performance hybrid architecture that integrates two core families into a single CPU. This ensures that everything in your gaming universe runs smoothly. The processor comes with a total of 16 cores, including 8 performance-cores and 8 efficient-cores. Additionally, the processor boasts 30MB of cache and a total of 24 threads.

One of the most impressive features of this processor is its ability to reach a maximum turbo frequency of 5.20 GHz. The processor also features Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, which allows it to reach this frequency consistently. The performance-core has a maximum turbo frequency of 5.10 GHz while the efficient-core has a maximum of 3.90 GHz.

One thing that sets this Intel processor apart is that it comes with both K and KF SKUs. These allow you to choose between unlocked with processor graphics features or unlocked and requires discrete graphics. Additionally, processors with a “KF” in their processor number offer overclocking capabilities.

The Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake i9-12900KF LGA1700 3.2GHz Processor BX8071512900KF is brought to you by Intel, a trusted manufacturer in the industry. The manufacturer warranties the product for one year. Being a featured product, you can rest assured that it meets the highest quality and performance standards.

If you're looking to build your own PC, know that Intel® Core™ “KF” and “F” SKU desktop processors are built for gamers and creators. You can confidently add this processor to your build with the assurance that it will meet your gaming needs. It is compatible with the LGA 1700 CPU socket.

In summary, the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake i9-12900KF LGA1700 3.2GHz Processor BX8071512900KF is the perfect choice for any serious gamer or creator. With its innovative features, impressive performance specifications, and compatibility with LGA 1700 CPU socket, you can confidently push your gameplay to new heights.

Manufacturer PartBX8071512900KF
Cpu SeriesCore i9
Cpu SocketLGA 1700
Cpu Clock3.2GHz
Cpu Cores16-Cores
Cpu Cache30MB
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited 1 Year
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