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PNY Nvidia RTX A4500 20GB GDDR6 Video Card VCNRTXA4500-PB

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The NVIDIA RTX A4500 delivers the power, performance, capabilities, and reliability professionals need to do more. Powered by latest generation of NVIDIA RTX technology, combined with 20GB of ultra-fast GPU memory, the A4500 provides amazing performance with your favorite applications and the capability to work with larger models, renders, datasets, and scenes with higher fidelity and greater interactivity, taking your work to the next level.
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The PNY Nvidia RTX A4500 20GB GDDR6 Video Card VCNRTXA4500-PB is a powerful tool for professionals seeking the best in video card technology. With a weight of 4.000000, this video card is manufactured by PNY and its manufacturer part is VCNRTXA4500-PB. The video card is powered by Nvidia technology and belongs to the Nvidia Quadro GPU series, utilizing the high-performance NVIDIA RTX A4500 GPU. The card has a memory size of 20GB and a memory interface of 320-bit, while its cooling system employs a single fan. The video card's interface is PCI-E 4.0 and it has a maximum resolution of 7680 x 4320, with 4 x DisplayPort 1.4 output. It also comes with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years.

This video card is a game-changer and offers numerous benefits to its users. It can handle larger models, renders, datasets, and scenes with higher fidelity, without compromising on performance. The latest NVIDIA RTX technology, with 20GB of ultra-fast GPU memory, guarantees its reliable performance, which enables professionals to carry out their work efficiently. The video card is perfect for architects, designers, and animators who require a high-performance video card to support their intensive processes. Moreover, it suits gamers who need to experience the best visuals possible on their games.

The PNY Nvidia RTX A4500 20GB GDDR6 Video Card VCNRTXA4500-PB comes with several key features that make it stand out. Its CUDA Cores are 7168, while the Tensor Cores are 224 and the RT Cores are 56. The single precision performance is 23.7 TFLOPS, while the RT Core Performance is 46.2 TFLOPS, and the Tensor performance is 189.2 TFLOPS. These features are designed to support its users in various ways, from running complex software to gaming at the highest graphical settings. It also comes with Memory Type GDDR6, Memory Bit 320-Bit, and a memory bandwidth of 640 GB/sec.

In summary, the PNY Nvidia RTX A4500 20GB GDDR6 Video Card VCNRTXA4500-PB is an essential tool for hard-working professionals, gamers, and enthusiasts who demand high-quality graphics and rapid processing speed. Its combination of advanced technology and powerful features, such as the CUDA Cores, Tensor Cores, RT Cores, and Memory Interface, make it an efficient tool for managing complex processes, all while delivering high-quality graphics with ease. It's no wonder the PNY Nvidia RTX A4500 20GB GDDR6 Video Card VCNRTXA4500-PB is such a sought-after product with its ability to enable you to take your work or gaming to the next level.

Manufacturer PartVCNRTXA4500-PB
Powered byNvidia
Gpu SeriesNVIDIA Quadro
Core ClockNA
Memory TypeGDDR6
GPU Memory Size20GB
Memory Bit320-Bit
InterfacePCI-E 4.0
CoolingSingle Fan
Max Resolution7680 x 4320
Output4 x DisplayPort 1.4
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited 3 Years
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